EVT with unique plant and process technology

EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik GmbH from Sternenfels, a global provider of customized cleaning and degreasing systems, is now introducing a new process and the matching cleaning system that enables celaning agitator containers from synthetic resin with the volatile MC in a closed system.

Reinigungsanlage Typ GIGANT Härterei

Individually configured EVT cleaning systems for hardening shops

Wir entwickeln und fertigen bedarfsgerecht konstruierte Anlagen zur rückstandslosen Entfernung von Produktionshilfsstoffen für Härtereien rund um den Globus.

gereinigte Linse

EVT competence in cleaning optical components

EVT offers a process technology that specifically enables the effective pre-cleaning of these sensitive components.

Symposium for parts cleaning – EVT at BCD event in Ulm

We are joining the BCD Symposium for surface cleaning and parts cleaning experiances. Head of Sales Michel Lubinsky was there as a speaker for the topic of watery versus solvent-based solutions.

Coil cleaning: process technology at the highest level for products in a millimeter range

EVT develops complex process engineering for the degreasing of pipes of all diameters and lengths. One of the specializations of the special plant manufacturer are systems for the degreasing of pipes, both in coil and rod products.

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At evt_gmbh_teamclean we offer insights into everyday life and show our interesting projects.
The image-oriented social media platform Instagram with its two components, story and post, offers good opportunities to show snapshots that are gone after 24 hours. On the other hand, the permanent posts form a digital gallery that is available anytime, regardless of the website or any other medium.

EVT at parts2clean and Deburring Expo: with strong tailwind to top-leading trade fairs

Precision surfaces for components: Cleanly cleaned – and the quality is right

Solvent or water: EVT cleaning concepts for all areas of application

In 2019, the manufacturer of cleaning and degreasing systems, the EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik with a strong “tailwind”: internal restructuring, the updating and specialization of processes as well as the expansion of the management will tailor the plant builder future-proof with regard to market challenges. Top-class sales and technology cooperations support strategic decisions. At the two important autumn trade fairs, Deburring Expo in Karlsruhe and parts2clean in Stuttgart, visitors will already be able to guess the course.

Parts cleaning as a downstream process for manufacturing components of all kinds has become an important value creation factor in all key industries. EVT is one of the global players, pioneering and trendsetting in this cross-industry market with its process-optimized cleaning and degreasing systems based on solvents and aqueous solutions: the EVT Variosolvent technology, the front-top loader and special security packages just a few examples of the EVT innovation power that is valued on the market.

“Thanks to strategic technology and sales collaborations, for example in China or Poland, we can always offer our customers state-of-the-art cleaning technology based on a broad, highly customized portfolio of equipment,” says Michel Lubinsky, Sales Manager at EVT. “One example is the NOYEN Compact 100, which we will present as the exclusive distributor of the Polish technology leader alongside our solvent-based cleaning systems on our 150 m2 stand at parts2clean. In hall 7 at booth B03 we cordially invite you to a demonstration, consultation and discussion. “

The NOYEN Compact 100 cleans based on aqueous solutions and, thanks to its constructive advantages, can be used in a very wide range of applications, for example for complex components for interior and exterior treatment.

The compact plant (dimensions of process basket: 670 x 480 x 300 mm) has two tanks for the cleaning and rinsing liquids. Each tank has a system for heating the liquid with the help of heating elements. The tanks are connected in cascade, the water is automatically refilled in the rinsing tank and then, after reaching the nominal level, passes into the cleaning template. An efficient system for draining the bath from the working chamber prevents cleaning and rinsing baths from mixing. These structural advantages allow a longer residence time of the media in the system, thanks to the compact dimensions of the system, only a relatively small footprint is required for installation and: intuitive operation using Siemens control is standard. Particularly noteworthy is the exceptionally short regular delivery time of the NOYEN Compact 100:
It can be delivered in just 2 months.

Julia Scharmann, Head of Marketing & Communication at EVT: “In the truest sense of the word, we are also demonstrating together with our partner Clentex, specialist consultant for parts cleaning, for the first time at the Deburring Expo, booth 503, in hall 1. As the leading trade fair for deburring technologies and technologies Präzisionsoberflächen is an excellent forum for presenting our cleaning technologies on the one hand, but also consulting quality and solution expertise. All in all, both fairs are a great opportunity to meet customers and prospects to whom we can introduce our technologies. At the same time, we have the opportunity to recognize current market requirements at an early stage. We keep our finger on the pulse by quickly absorbing industry trends and wishes and responding with advancements in all areas. “

The #teamclean from EVT will meet you on the

Deburring Expo: Hall 1, Booth 503
parts2 clean: Hall 7, Booth B03

Julia Scharmann, Leiter Marketing & Kommunikation

Focus on a strong brand of industrial parts cleaning: Julia Scharmann heads the new Marketing & Communication department

The manufacturer of individual cleaning and degreasing systems, the EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik GmbH from Sternenfels, continues to set the course for solid growth under a strong corporate brand: Following the recent expansion and the associated rejuvenation of the management by Costa Burkhardt, the plant engineer is now expanding its strategy internally. The Marketing & Communication division headed by Julia Scharmann will establish another strategically important corporate division.

For the 38-year-old marketing specialist, important topics such as organizational development, internal communication, employer branding and the design of a strong corporate brand as well as qualified lead generation are on the agenda.
EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has been in the metalworking industry for over 25 years as an advanced manufacturer of customized cleaning and degreasing systems of all sizes. The focus is on solvent-based cleaning processes, which will be supplemented with aqueous solutions by the cooperation with the polish company Noyen Sp. Z oo. The cleaning professionals always set trends in the industry thanks to their profound and industry-spanning process competence with their powerful, customized machine solutions and intelligent new developments.
These possibilities and advantages of the individual construction and production combined with the comprehensive service and support services are to be conveyed even more clearly and transparently to the outside as key messages in order to establish EVT as a corporate brand in the markets on a lasting basis. In order to achieve these goals, Julia Scharmann wants to advance modern data analysis, tracking, content creation, communication in analogue and digital channels in a targeted manner, as well as making better use of the further development and opportunities of digitization.
Inside the company, the even closer integration of marketing and communication with development and sales is at the top of the agenda: “In the meantime, we see that even in the B2B sector – and even in such a niche market as industrial parts cleaning – there is still a lot of air in terms of modern brand, marketing and communication strategy. To make EVT future-proof, we will make better use of developments in communication and technology, be even more customer-centered, repeatedly question processes, identify potential customers and provide them with intensive support beyond the purchase and implementation into the respective production. We want to learn even more about the needs of our customers and understand how we can support them at any time – in Germany, but also worldwide. “

New sales cooperation: EVT opens up the chinese market in cooperation with Keweixin

Since July, EVT GmbH has expanded its global catchment area by adding a significant area: Baden-Württemberg meets China.

If we have already had some plants in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia in recent years, new options are emerging in the chinese market with our chinese partner Keweixin.
Keweixin is the chinese market leader in cleaning equipment, but has insufficient expertise in closed-solution industrial parts cleaning with solvents. While clear regulations for emissions and immissions apply in Germany, there is no national emission stardard in China. As a result, open systems are still on the agenda. In particular, there is little experience with process engineering in large volume plants and the use of chlorinated solvents such as perchlorethylene (PER).
At this point, we can undoubtedly serve the demand for environmentally friendly, clean, solvent-based plant technology at the highest level and thus meaningfully supplement the product range of our chinese partners.
We are very excited about this new partnership and the challenges of the new market environment.

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