Coil cleaning: process technology at the highest level for products in the millimeter range

EVT develops complex process engineering for the degreasing of pipes of all diameters and lengths

With 25 years of experience in industrial parts cleaning, one could assume that the EVT engineers have trouble generating further development – far from it! In the geographical center of German, if not equal to the European mechanical engineering is constantly tinkering and looking for solutions.

“With the further development of product ranges and production processes in almost all industries, the requirement profile for the technical cleanliness of components is constantly changing.”, explains Costa Burkhardt, Managing Director of EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik, equally the desire and necessity of the innovation gene of his company.

One of the specializations of the special plant manufacturer are systems for the degreasing of pipes, both in coil and rod products. Partial cleaning of pipe coils, however, has its own special requirements: with pipe lengths of up to 3 km and an inside diameter of one millimeter or less, adequate cleaning is not a matter of course. EVT has developed a process that makes it possible to clean such special tubes, which are used for example in medical technology but also in the aerospace industry, without residue.

“We developed a process of purging perchlorethylene with 400 bar pressure through the coils, but without the traditional pumping applications. Cleaning with modified alcohols is not possible for explosion protection reasons. Depending on the throughput, the system can be equipped with several connection options and can thus be set up for a very variable range of applications. This creates a future-proof set-up that ensures long-term use of the system, “says Burkhardt. In addition to the internal cleaning of the pipes, it is also possible to combine the inside and outside cleaning of the coils with the corresponding goods carrier systems in one system.

So far, projects have already been successfully completed, in the course of which the GIGANT series now cleans up to 12m long straight tubes and profiles and up to 3km long tubes in a coil. The development of the procedural approach, which allows to clean even minimal tubes creates a new security in the manufacturing process of micromechanical applications. The EVT expertise in this segment is a unique selling proposition in this niche area of ​​industrial parts cleaning, demonstrating the need for custom solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

“We also heard this kind of inquiries at this year’s leading trade fair parts2clean in Stuttgart”, adds Julia Scharmann, Head of Marketing at EVT.

We rate the fair as a success and confirmation of much of our approach. The industry is a bit tense due to the pressure of the automotive market. This does not affect us so much. On the one hand, the discussions we have held show the caution and diligence that is being used to test larger investments – on the other hand, no projects have yet been frozen. At EVT, we continue to design and manufacture with quality craftsmanship, above-average safety standards and a clear focus on special solutions and custom systems. This makes us a sought-after partner both nationally and internationally when it comes to technical cleanliness and the optimization of the production chain. ”

The fair is for the manufacturers of cleaning solutions Meet Up and performance show at the same time and also has international relevance. With 150 square meters, EVT was one of the big players of parts2clean this autumn. “Even if the quantity of the previous year was not quite reached – with the quality of the contacts, the ratio of new contacts and even concrete conclusions we are very satisfied with the winter season”,Costa Burkhardt sums up.