New sales cooperation: EVT opens up the chinese market in cooperation with Keweixin

Since July, EVT GmbH has expanded its global catchment area by adding a significant area: Baden-Württemberg meets China.

If we have already had some plants in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia in recent years, new options are emerging in the chinese market with our chinese partner Keweixin.
Keweixin is the chinese market leader in cleaning equipment, but has insufficient expertise in closed-solution industrial parts cleaning with solvents. While clear regulations for emissions and immissions apply in Germany, there is no national emission stardard in China. As a result, open systems are still on the agenda. In particular, there is little experience with process engineering in large volume plants and the use of chlorinated solvents such as perchlorethylene (PER).
At this point, we can undoubtedly serve the demand for environmentally friendly, clean, solvent-based plant technology at the highest level and thus meaningfully supplement the product range of our chinese partners.
We are very excited about this new partnership and the challenges of the new market environment.

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