EVT with new service concept EVT CARE and relaunch of the service area online

The basis for the efficiency and productivity of a manufacturing plant is both: high plant availability and optimal cleaning quality. At the same time, the increasing demands of the markets must be met – in terms of technical cleanliness as well as speed and overall quality.

EVT therefore attaches great importance to the excellent care of the cleaning and degreasing plants. Not only are downtimes or unexpected incidents unwelcome, they also cost time and money – two resources that are not usually wasted. “It is our central interest to protect our customers from such unpleasantness and to maintain both the long-term value and the availability of the assets.“, clarifies Costa Burkhardt, Managing Director of EVT GmbH.
Maintenance, service, servicing, maintenance, inspection and even conversions make an elementary contribution to this claim. “As an original manufacturer, we know every screw, flange and process in our plants. We do not only offer first-level telephone support or remote maintenance, but are your point of contact from the first to the last day of the operating life of your EVT plant.

Within the scope of the new EVT CARE concept, EVT also includes three customised variants of service.

  1. EVT CARE is the basic variant, which is individually commissioned according to the effort.
  2. EVT CARE Connect: the worry-free package for remote maintenance – virtually any time short-term support is provided directly to the digitally controlled processes of the plant. Thus, simultaneous support is provided to the plant operators in the correction of faults.
  3. With EVT CARE Pro, the customer gets “all in” – service. In conjunction with an individual maintenance framework contract, shortest response times, online service and predictive maintenance by EVT technicians apply.

New area on the website

In the course of this redesign, a re-structured subpage of the website was launched, which represents the extensive services related to the lifecycle management of EVT cleaning plants only.

“We regard ourselhttps://evt-gmbh.de/service/ves as long-term partners of our customers”, explains Costa Burkhardt. ”Duration of up to 25 years is not uncommon for an EVT Parts Cleaner. Regular service intervals, cleaning, maintenance, but also upgrades or conversions of the plants are preserving their value. At the same time, we learn with every plant we build, we continue to develop and try to use these learning curves to the advantage of existing customers. Especially in the case of capital goods, it is important to generate the optimum from the plant’s performance on the one hand, and to act as future-proof as possible on the other.
The lifecycle management of our systems gives us the opportunity to continue to contribute our know-how even after the purchase and to help customers get everything out of their EVT system.”