EVT has an Instagram account!

At evt_gmbh_teamclean we offer insights into everyday life and show our interesting projects.
The image-oriented social media platform Instagram with its two components, story and post, offers good opportunities to show snapshots that are gone after 24 hours. On the other hand, the permanent posts form a digital gallery that is available anytime, regardless of the website or any other medium.
For example, when it comes to showing an on-site customer a type of equipment, both salespeople and service technicians can show on the road and explain what EVT can do.
“We took a little time with the set-up of an Instagram account,” explains Julia Scharmann, HEad of Marketing at EVT, on the approach.

“At the beginning of marketing activities in May 2019, other approaches were the first priority. We had to – and still have to – build an infrastructure, set up and conenct website and social media channels that pay attention to visibility. Instagram is not as well indexed as other platforms. An account on Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn or Youtube, for example, is relevant on Google – Insta is still a little behind.
In addition, all these platforms are very labor intensive. On the one hand, of course, content must be available, which is step 1. However, everyone has their own laws – what looks so random and easy, for example, when you’re on the road in private, is a lot of work and needs planning and preparation.

Over the last few months, we’ve been monitoring the social media channels manually and with software tools, and we’ve seen how present our industry and the industries of our potential customers are in the channels. There are already some who are in the process of setting up and expanding their presences.
Practically, at first you are in with the camera and collect footage and short video sequences, which are then processed uniformly. It is also important to consider what is suitable for the short-lived stories and what will be more of a lasting post.

In the best case, there is a higher-level content planning, which specifies topics and thus also motives.
Overall, I would like to encourage anyone who chooses such a presence to be very agile here. Just start, get the immediacy of the platform (s), and work directly with the responses. Try out what works and what gives less resonance and find the tone that suits your business.
The decision-makers of the future will increasingly use these ways to form an image, to find a solution partner like EVT and get in touch with them. Even though the website is and will remain the hub for the brand, social media presences such as Instagram will make a major contribution to brand building.

parts2clean has given us a good hitch to start with our presence on Instagram and to use the story module for a kind of live coverage: how does the build-up on the fair develop, how the stand looks and finally: the exhibited facilities in action.
The future will tell if others are catching up, how the accounts are developing and how we can use them concretely. ”

Julia Scharmann has many years of experience in online marketing and digital brand management. Her roots are settled in the B2C environment and is convinced that the same mechanisms are also used in B2B. Even in a very specialized environment such as mechanical engineering and a market such as industrial parts cleaning, brand building is essential.
“In the end, those who make decisions here are the same people who are also in B2C environments. They shop at Amazon, drive cars, have smart home applications … from these areas they learn how big brands behave, what services they offer and represent themselves. I am convinced that this will also be more relevant for plant manufacturers like us – albeit with a delay of a few years. However, we do not want to chase after such developments, but to help shape them. ”