EVT at symposium for parts cleaning in Ulm

As a specialist in parts cleaning, we are regularly facing the question of the “right” solution …

… and that in multiple interpretation ;) Whether the solution for the customer requirement is in the decontamination with solvents or water is a central part of our advice.

At the symposium of one of our chemical partners, BCD Chemie (https://www.bcd-chemie.de/), EVT HEad of Sales, Michel Lubinsky, spoke about the various approaches “aqueous vs. solvent-based”.

The determinants for the choice of the cleaning process are, as often noted, diverse.
Everything starts with the material of the component to be cleaned, the degree and type of contamination and the subsequent production step. Also, the geometry of the part is relevant: if the surface is smooth, there are blind holes, undercuts, threads or something similar…

At the symposium in Ulm experiences were exchanged and interesting projects discussed. What options are available for cleaning the “wastewater” from the cleaning process, what does ultrasonic parts cleaning or selecting the right cleaner – these are important updates from the industry.

“We use such events, for exchanges with our peers and competitors. Our industry is not large, we know each other and share valuable experiences – also to optimize our own processes and procedures.” EVT’s consulting expertise is one of our quality features and learning from each other extremely important.” Michel Lubinsky explains these kinds of events.

Many thanks to all participants and the organizer BCD for the beautiful opportunity!