EVT releases new plant model

EVT Eiberger Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, with its headquarters in Sternenfels, has been supplying the metalworking industry worldwide with parts cleaning plants for the use of solvents of all kinds for 26 years.

In addition to CHCs such as perchlorethylene (PER) and methylene chloride (MeCl), hydrocarbons (KWL) and modified alcohols are used.

The size of the system and the process technology are based on the geometry and the desired throughput of the workpieces to be cleaned. From the smallest turned or stamped parts to large engine parts for aircraft and rocket engines through to drive shafts weighing tons for marine diesel engines – the variety of parts that is cleaned in EVT plants is enormous.

Constant product developments

Even 10-meter-long copper pipes with an average batch weight of 2.5 tons have been cleaned in EVT systems on the American market for years now.

“In our recently developed cleaning system, pipe coils are cleaned and dried inside and out,” reports Harald Eiberger, managing director of EVT GmbH, not without pride. This procedure in this form has so far only been successfully implemented by EVT. The tubes wound on coils have an inside diameter of less than 1 mm and an unwound length of 3 km. Connected to a hydraulic system, the tubes are rinsed with solvent under 300 bar and then dried with nitrogen.

With the experience from over 500 built plants, EVT engineers have now developed a new basic model.

“The task was to plan a plant that can work with all common solvents and be equipped with both, Schäfer baskets and EURO baskets as standard,” explains engineer Stefan Haag, who played a key role in the construction of the new type of plants.

“The new system should be able to reproduce all cleaning processes customary on the market and also contain new cleaning-effective process steps that you won’t find in conventional cleaning systems.” Michel Lubinsky, Sales Manager at EVT, is certain that this range of programs can meet almost all cleaning requirements. In addition to spray cleaning with high pressure at approx. 10 to 12 bar, turbulent cleaning in combination with flooding the working chamber, the new process steps also include the boiling of the solvent in the working chamber during the immersion cleaning process. The movement of goods can be designed individually for each process step.

Because of the wide variety of cleaning options and possible uses we named the new system VARIO.

VARIO stands for

  • A highly variable system technology which, depending on the configuration, can be operated with different solvents and can be switched from one solvent to an alternative solvent at any time.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe system technology for handling water-polluting and flammable substances. Safety technology coordinated with TÜV and PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) enables very effective cleaning via the flash point and thus ensures excellent cleaning and drying results.
  • a variable formulation of recipes within the framework of the selected system configuration. This enables a process design tailored to the customer’s complex part properties and thus the best possible cleaning results.
  • the variable combination of vacuum technology, ultrasound, goods movement, pressure flooding and high-pressure spraying for the benefit of gentle and effective parts cleaning.
  • A user-friendly handling of the system, due to a multilingual user interface with the help of which operating errors are excluded. Functions that may not be activated in the individual system states are simply hidden. This gives the system operator the necessary security when handling the cleaning system. The operating concept is supported by pop-ups for maintenance information and help texts in the event of a malfunction.
  • The possibility of a quick analysis and assistance by the specialist thanks to a remote diagnosis module already installed in the basic equipment. With the help of this module, all processes can be observed and evaluated online. In this way, adjustments and system malfunctions can be recognized quickly and inexpensively and, at best, rectified directly.

The system is rounded off by an energy-efficient solvent treatment with residual distillation and automatic oil discharge.

EVT is in a steady process of gaining know-how, which is characterised by the type of plants that are built there. All are special systems, there is nothing from the rod – yet a good middle way has been found to summarize modules, where individual assemblies remain the same. In this way, the design and production process can be optimized, while maintaining the individualization possibilities. The next 500 plants will also bring some innovations and EVT will continue to deliver reliable results as a creative and solution-oriented partner and advisor on industrial partscleaning.