Witten electroplating specialist SIODLA has been relying on EVT-GIGANT for 25 years

Replacing the GIGANTs: after 25 years of service, it will be renewed – with the next generation of EVT plant.
Ewald Siodla Metallveredelungs GmbH has been relying on EVT services and systems for a quarter of a century.
The first GIGANT plant for the cleaning of metal parts was ordered by the electroplating specialist in 1994. From its commissioning in 1995 until the beginning of 2019, it performed its service reliably.
“Of course, in the meantime, we also looked at the competitor for a comparison. It quickly became clear, however, that switching to another supplier would be nonsensical, “explains manager Manfred Holzmann during the pre-commissioning of the new machine in Sternenfels.
“For the reliability and quality, in turn, to our customers, the continued performance of the GIGANT system is indispensable. That’s why we take no risks here and stay with the proven. “, So Holzmann’s response.
The quality of the system and the EVT service, which makes the investment a (future-proof) sure thing, obviously speaks for itself. For this customer of the first hour of our company history, we also manage a shortened delivery time of only 5 months 😉
We are very pleased about the confirmation of this business relationship and further decades of successful cooperation.

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