Compact Systems

Our compact system series GIGANT, VARIO and AQUA form the basis for our “classics”.

The individual modules are already designed, but are configured to your individual cleaning system. This makes them as economically attractive as a standard system and at the same time as tailor-made and future-proof as required.

We are happy to advise you at any time…


The GIGANT lives up to its name: these cleaning systems are used for large weights and/or volumes.

For example, in the cleaning of ship or aircraft parts. Its chamber volumes are truly gigantic, but the space requirements are more flexible than one would assume.


The compact cleaning and degreasing systems of the VARIO series are designed for solvent-based cleaning processes.

They are completely flexible in terms of the choice of medium, basket systems and sizes.

Which cleaning procedure and other configuration you need, we will be happy to discuss with you personally.


For industrial parts cleaning on an aqueous basis, our plant system AQUA is the right choice.

Effective parts cleaning through variable cleaning concepts, adjusted to individual requirements, as well as an user-friendly handling, makes our AQUA versatile.


The compact, affordable NANO systems are used for cleaning and degreasing small to middle-sized parts and throughputs. The flexibility of the cleaning process and set-up location allow the NANO to be used in a wide range of industries.