EVT Service – at any time for your trouble-free operation

We provide all of the necessary steps for the lifecycle management of a plant in the course of its use:

As an original manufacturer we ensure that everything runs smoothly and maintain the value and availability of the system.
This all-round care helps our customers to optimize their production processes on an ongoing basis.

In the optimal case, the suggested inspection and maintenance intervals are adhered to, so downtimes due to surprising accidents can be avoided.

Our constantly growing know-how helps us in different ways: on the one hand related to the plant itself and on the other hand to parts cleaning as a whole.


First Level Support – first aid for quick questions

Our telephone hotline is available for our customers in three languages (german, english, french) directly and easily as a help desk.

In 95% of cases issues can be resolved immediately.

Remaining issues are solved by our

  • 24 hour-service on site (throughout Germany) or
  • 48 hour-service in other european countries.
Online Wartung EVT

Online Maintenance – short-term diagnosis & immediate repair

Due to the possibility of remote maintenance, our technicians have access to our customers’ systems everytime.

In the event of a fault, valuable diagnosis time can be saved here.
Since we can remedy faults via online remote access chargeable appointments with our mechanic are regularly unnecessary,

Our service technicians can provide assistance at any time via PC, laptop or mobile device – whether it is about settings, malfunctions or adjustments to the plant control system.

Inspektion & Wartung EVT

Regular maintenance extends lifespan and reliability

– that´s a familiar concept

We offer different maintenance organization systems:

  1. fixed maintenance contracts (service packages) can be concluded or
  2. maintenance is proactively offered for your system at regular intervals, during which the operational suitability is checked and, if necessary, restored.

Our customers don’t have to think about anything – just confirm the offer. This is followed by timely appointment and finally timely maintenance.

We also provide the calibration of the measuring unit that is required every year. Therefore, we receive the customer’s device by post and send a loan device in exchange that can be connected for the duration of the calibration (approx. 1 week, including shipping times).

Simple and convenient – for smooth operations

Ersatzteile und Ersatzteilpakete EVT

Spare and wear parts – always at hand, exchanged as quickly as possible

The availability of your plant is very important to us.
We keep spare parts for your plant in our warehouse as long as it is within the guarantee period.

Afterwards, we recommend to keep some parts in your own warehouse.

We support you with the selection of the parts that make sense for you with individually tailored spare parts packages and an associated consultation.

This way downtimes can be prevented or minimized.

Retrofit/Umbau EVT

Retrofit: modernization and expansion of your existing systems

Should your requirements for your EVT plant change, please feel free to contact us.

It is not imperative necessary to buy a new plant if requirements are changing. In some cases, existing modules can be exchanged and retrofitted to help your plant achieve new performance parameters.

We would be happy to advise you and show you the possible options.

Service Pakete EVT CARE

Tailor-made system, tailor-made service:
EVT CARE – solutions

As an original manufacturer, we know every screw, flange and process in our plants. Our CARE series – service packages are designed for the needs of man and machine:

  1. EVT CARE Basic
  2. EVT CARE Connect
  3. EVT CARE Pro

With EVT CARE Basic, our customers obtain all the services they need without a general agreement. Billing is based on the respective effort.

EVT CARE Connect is the package for remote maintenance of your plant – we provide short-term technical support directly to the digitally controlled processes of the plant in an unbureaucratic and transparent manner.

With EVT CARE Pro we support you “all in”. In combination with an individual maintenance general agreement, you benefit from the shortest response times, online service and predictive maintenance by our technicians.

Contact us, we will find the right CARE package for your needs!