Special Solutions

Our special plants are usually the first of their kind.

Here we set standards by developing solutions for very special cleaning requirements. For example, the cleaning of 3 km long pipe coils. . . or the internal cleaning of agitators.

We are sure to find a solution for your requirements!

Pipes & Tubes

Standed pipes of up to 11 metres in length have been cleaned by our plants for years. Clean and dry inside and outside, thanks to a special EVT system. . . What can we do for you?


Reliable internal and external cleaning of tube coils, some with millimetre-thin diameters and several kilometres in length. We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.


Optical components present unique cleaning requirements in a number of ways. Reliable pre-cleaning is crucial for a perfect end result. We will be happy to advise you!


Our special cleaning systems for hardening shops are already in use many times.

We know the special requirements that are necessary in the production of hardened goods.


Plastic processing companies or manufacturers are familiar with heavy contamination of the agitators and agitator vessels they need for mould casting. We have built up know-how in the cleaning of these substances – and are happy to put it to use for you!