Our new VARIO plant series convinces with flexibility in almost every respect. The cleaning systems of this type can work with all common solvents, different basket systems (Schaefer or EURO) and sizes.

With the EVT-VARIO-S, we offer what is currently probably the most inexpensive solvent degreasing system on the European market for the degreasing of small and very small parts in small batches.

We combine “value for money” with sophisticated process technology and a wealth of options that make your VARIO-S the right plant for your needs.

Our multi-talent VARIO-M is already used in a wide variety of industries for parts cleaning and degreasing and makes its contribution to the manufacture of quality products. Whether turned parts, electronics, medical instruments, jewellery, optical components or carriers for dental implants, the VARIO-M can be adapted to almost all cleaning tasks.

If you have larger quantities of bulk material in baskets to clean and degrease, the VARIO-L is the ideal cleaning machine for your company.

With this unit, very short batch times can be achieved regardless of the solvent used. Even a high oil content or mechanical build-up, such as chips, pose no problem for the VARIO-L.

Now it really only depends on your requirements whether a VARIO-S, VARIO-M or VARIO-L is suitable for you.

We will be happy to advise you.